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Welcome to the Vortex! 

My mission is to provide the people with what they need to help protect from the dangers of electromagnetic frequency's that can make us lack energy, feel confused, agitated, cause allergies, illness and many other symptoms are coming to light on a daily basis!


Everyday we are bombarded with wifi signals coming from mobile phones, laptops, tablets and basically anything that emits a signal, this effects us all on a daily basis. We are all bathed in these harmful frequency's day and night and we really need to try protect against these  a lot more, just because we cannot see these harmful frequency's it does not mean they are not causing long lasting damage!

I aim to provide you with the best protection I possibly can and I make various products from personal protection while on the move to protection for the home and environment you live in.

The products I make do not cancel out electromagnetic frequency's but they help normalise them and smooth out the frequency by giving out frequency's of light so they are not harmful to the human body. The core ingredient I use in every thing is the Elite Noble Nano Shungite also known as "THE MIRACLE STONE"  and is great to protect and detox from electromagnetic stress on the body. It is the strongest and most effective and ranges from 95% to 98% carbon and I will always use the best.

All my products are hand crafted and made from only the best quality crystals, minerals, metals and resin and due to high demands there may be some delay in your goods if not in stock but i can re assure you they will be well worth the wait.

On special request I can make bespoke pyramids with your personal items or crystals in but please email us with these requests and we will always try the best we can to help and advise .


Disclaimer and returns policy

Some of the pendants i make do contain magnets, please do not wear if you have a pacemaker or have been advised not to wear magnets by a professional.

If you are not happy with your product you can return it within 14 days a full refund or exchange will be given to the same value as long as there are no damages. I will not be able cover the return charges on postage.

All my products are handmade and may slightly differ from the ones in the pictures but I will always try my best to keep them as the ones displayed.

I hope you enjoy your product!